A friend recently asked me if I knew of a good way to block ads on his home network. At the time I didn’t, but I started to dig into it more, since this is something I have also been curious about. Ads have become more and more annoying and intrusive to our lives. The people that use them for the right reasons get a bad rap, by the people who hijack browsers with it. I needed to find something, enter Pi-hole.

Pi-hole’s Website

The site was in desperate need of an update. Every day GitHub was letting me know that there were errors and risks on the site and that Jekyll was not running the best version. I finally gave in and decided to try and get this thing working to the best of my limited ability.

Jekyll not running correct version

This was a tough one for me since I really never had to update Jekyll before. I was able however to download Ruby and install the Jekyll Gem on my machine. I also cloned my repo locally so I could work on it. From the limited research I did I found all I should have to do is run the following command. ‘bundle update’ Seemed simple enough, but it did not work. Jekyll stayed at the version is was running on and I was lost. It took a while but more research helped me uncover the fact that in my gemfile I was telling github-pages to run on version 139. This was an issue since it would lock Jekyll into an older version.

The Fix

The fix was a simple one. Start over. I know to some people this sounds a bit crazy but hear me out. I never really understood how all of this worked before (Really I still don’t get it 100% but I am getting there). The best way to learn is to start back at square one and try again. I was able to get the latest version of Jekyll running, and served on my local machine. I did have some issues getting it running on the GitHub-Pages side of things, but that is another write up for another day. I was able to clean up the file and then get a new theme running. It did however force me to go back into all the posts and make some edits, since I had hacked them up before to get things like pictures working.

The Result

The result is this new and improved site. It looks better than it did before, and it seems easier to update in the future. I just need to be better at writing for it and making sure to give it the care it needs.

I know I have not really been working to much on this site recently, but now I feel like I have more time to do so. Recently starting a new job that will do wonders for my work and home life balence should also give me some more time to work on developing. I had some ideas which I will discuss below, but nothing is sticking as out yet.

Quick Draw Type Game

I had a idea for a game that copies the old quick draw tpye games. THe ones where you had to perform an action within a small window of time before the enemy attacks you. Basic premise is simpe, high noon style dual. Once the players accepts that they are ready, a random timer starts, once it finishes the high noon type event starts. The player will have a very limited time to press the fire button / screen before the enemy player fires. Each round they player makes it through shortens the time they have to react later.

Dev Diary 1

Over the past few months I have been working on a new app/gaem idea with a guy from work using the Godot Engine. It has been long process and I wanted to document some of the things I have already learned and what I would change if I could go back and tell the old me about it.


Git is your friend, but it can also be your worst nightmare at the same time. Git is a super powerful tool for managing work, collaborating with someone else, and storing old versions of code so you can review if needed. Overall, I have been super happy with it, moving over from SVN, but I have also had an extremely hard time with it.

Freeplaytech Complete

So I finally was able to complete the FreePlay Zero build that I have been working on and I have to say i could not be happier with how it turned out. I had a few minor issues with it that I could have fixed with the use of better tools, but we will save that for the version 2.0 that I will be making.

With a 32GB SD Card inserted into it, I have a large number of my old favorite games running, and I let the scrapper run that is built into RetroPie so I have image art to go with it. The sound is decent considering how small the unit really is. I did have some issues with the X and Y buttons, but nothing that could not be fixed later.