I wrote this and then I found this method is no good. There is so much that does not work. Adding to this seems impossible. If you really want to run this on ubuntu, then go to the official site and follow their directions.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:emulationstation/ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/stable

sudo apt update

sudo apt install emulationstation emulationstation-theme-simple

sudo apt install libretro-nestopia libretro-snes9x-next libretro-mupen64plus libretro-mednafen-psx

This is going to be a quick post about the site to update everyone (like anyone really reads this) about what is going on. Recently my hosting company has decided to scan a large portion of my sites, and mark them as malware.


Over the weekend while looking for a new game to play, I picked up a copy of RimWorld on Steam. Without a doubt, this is one of the most frustrating, unfair, and extremely addicting games I have played in a while. RimWorld has a ton of modes and different styles to play, so I will keep it simple and discuss what I have done.

Day 1:

When you fire up RimWorld you can either jump right into the action. or you can play a tutorial. I highly suggest you play

Slack is a relatively new product in the market that has had some seriously amazing growth. The Team Communication app has not only broken into the market, it has taken it by storm.

What Is Slack?

Slack is a team communication app at its core. What at first glance appears to be a simple chat room, or chat app is really much more more. From adding integration with other apps, to making special channel;s to discuss items that might not need to be in the general chat, Slack is your app.


Slack has the ability to let is users add channels to their account. Those channels are basically smaller chat rooms that can be used to discuss certain parts of a project, or a channel that can alert you when GitHub is updated. All in all it is a very powerful tool that lets DevOps and Engineers use the same application in different ways.

What Is It?

Godot is a an open source game engine that is becoming widely popular among developers. A co-worker of mine was the first to tell me about it, and a few days ago I decided to download Godot and take a look at it.

What About Game Maker Studio?

Coming from Game Maker Studio, I can say that the concepts of design are there, but Godot is very different in terms of how you make things work. Objects are replaced by scenes, and each scene has one parent node that can have multiple child nodes. The editor is open source, and can be changed to your liking.