What Is It?

Godot is a an open source game engine that is becoming widely popular among developers. A co-worker of mine was the first to tell me about it, and a few days ago I decided to download Godot and take a look at it.

What About Game Maker Studio?

Coming from Game Maker Studio, I can say that the concepts of design are there, but Godot is very different in terms of how you make things work. Objects are replaced by scenes, and each scene has one parent node that can have multiple child nodes. The editor is open source, and can be changed to your liking.

So one of the biggest changes I have made in 2017 so far is this site. For starters I kicked in the new WordPress 2017 Theme. I really like the simple look and the functionality it brings to the table.

The second being I updated some of the plugins on the back-end, and removed some more.

Theme My Login:

This is probably one of my favorite plugins ever. I have been using WordPress for years now, and one of the biggest things that always got to me was the login page. A page not many people normally see if you run a blog by yourself, but still we need to show it some love. Theme My Login does exactly that. This plugin takes the CSS from the rest of your site and applies it to a new login page. It also through in some nice widgets to use instead of the standard META ones. I highly recommend it.

Yoast SEO:

I admit that I am awful when it comes to keeping this site up and running. Well lets say I am more awful at writing things down, the site has been running fine ever since I moved it off of a cruddy personal server and into the cloud. I just need to make sure there are updates being done to the site.

I plan to change all this with some weekly updates. The updates themselves can be about anything from a game I might be working on, to some tech news, to nothing really at all. Point is I need to start writing more and I need to flesh this thing out.

The below script is a simple method to test if port 25 is open on a server. The script will attempt to connect to the server and send a quick email with a small attachment that it creates on the fly.

Below you will find some code to make a simple port checking tool in AutoIT. The tools simply asks the user for what IP address or Hostname they want to check, and what port. It will then confirm your entry and show you the result.