Small Update

Just a small update / thought today. I think I have been over thinking this whole game. The idea was to make a simple game and push it out to people. I have that game almost there, I just need to add a few more cars, iron out some breaking bugs, and polish it a little bit and I think I have something.



  • Added music volume slider
  • Refactored vehicle spawn


  • Fixed Crash/Win Menu from not being in front of everything
  • Refactored a lot of code to clean it and make it more uniform
  • Fixed the restart level button to reload the scene
  • Added const to each level to give it a number
  • Updated Trello with new cards


  • Added new font to game
  • Add title screen and level select
  • Added new vehicles including Cop Car
  • Added Crash and Win Screen
  • Added Level 1 to game for testing
  • Updated artwork for roads and added new tiles to tilemap
  • BUG: Crash/Win Screen rendered in wrong layer


  • Switching to 2D


  • Game created
  • Thoughts on paper


Basic game working - End of July?

Working On Test Items

I know I have not posted an update to this for a while and there is good reason for that. I have been working on other projects, as well as small test cases for this game. I know it is not the best thing to be working on since I have a large backlog of items I really need to go through, but I really feel like I needed a break.

I dumped a large amount of time into this game when I first started making it and I got burnt out super quick.

I Am Slacking

I am hitting a point where the game is taking great shape, but there are bugs or features that I don’t want to work on because to me they don’t seem as much fun. I am still trying to power through it all, and I have a basic roadmap on Trello for what the current needs are. I just need to really stick to it. I am still looking for an artist to help me out, that hasn’t changed…

The Game Is Taking Shape

So I did manage to get some time to work on the game while I was out in California. I have been hard at work fixing a few bugs that I had found in the game and working to make it mildly playable.

The only issues I have run into I will discuss below, but things are finally shaping up nicely.

While this is not normally what I use this blog for, I am writing to let everyone know that I will be attending Google Next 2019 this year. I am pretty excited about it since I am really hoping to get into the cloud space in my job be less into the Sysadmin part of it.

One of the things I can say we are going to be looking into is Chatbots for our internal services. Users will be able to talk to these bots and get most of their questions answered without the need to call the Service Desk or anything. This is something I am truly looking forward to working on since I think it can really help the cause.

I am also going to be looking into some billing issues we currently face, and some storage tools that I might be able to leverage.

I will probably report about the trip when I get back.